”I  have  been  searching  for  something  like  this  for  a  long  time.”

“The  only  time  my  husband  gets  out  of  bed  is  when  he  has  his  Equine  Therapy  Sessions.”

”I have been apart of the equine therapy program with Little Blessings Veteran and Community Outreach for roughly 7 months and it has been an experience unlike any other. Although I am not a Veteran myself, I was exposed to some of the harsh realities that Veterans and their families go through. The volunteers and staff welcomed me with open arms and truly made me feel at home while interacting with the horses on the farm. I am blessed beyond measure to have had the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing program. Sophia, my assigned therapy horse has done much more for me than I could ever put into words. She has continued to teach me that life is not perfect, slow down and enjoy the ride, and most importantly, she has given me the confidence to achieve unimaginable goals. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to any Veteran and/or their families.”

“Duke  Farm  and  Little  Blessings  saved  my  life.  They  gave  me  a  home  when  I  had  no  where  to  go.”

“I  feel  so  comfortable and  at  home  here.  I  tell  everyone  I  can  about  this  program.  I  wish  it  would  have  been  available when  I  first  got  out  of  the  service.”

“I  saw  this  quote  today,  I  think  it  sums  up  in  a  nutshell  what  I’m  learning.” “Incredible  change  happens  in  your  life  when  you  decide  to  take  control  of  what  you  have  power  over  instead  of  craving  control  over  what  you  don”t.”  -  Steve  Maraboli