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  • OUR GOAL – encourage communication, establish bonds and find passion for a healthy future
  • HEROOur veterans endure things that most of us could not imagine and then are expected to come back and adjust into their “normal” lives. Our four pillars are:
    • Suicide Awarness 20 -22 a day
    • Reintegration
      • Family and work
    • Transitioning
    • Women’s Health



  • OUR GOAL– encourage them to become stronger, kinder, healthier adults within our communities – the are OUR future
  • K.I.D.S. – Kind * Independent * Driven * Successful 
  • (Life Skills & Behavioral)
  • Today’s youth have so many internal battles that they struggle with and have no idea how to release or engage in the emotion. 
  • Our primary focus is:
    • Respect (earned and given)
    • Self-confidence
    • Selflessness
  • SUNNY – Special * Understood * Needed * Never give– always be YOU 
  • Being different is a fact of life, God created each one of us to be individuals. 
  • Our primary focus is: 
    • Differences
    • Determination
  • Special – knowing how special you and who your special to
  • Understood – your voice to being understood
  • Needed – everyone wants to be needed
  • Never give up – everyone makes mistakes – stay true to the task
  • Always be YOU – love who you are



OUR GOAL - welcome our neighbors, invite our friends, and share our experiences.

MEALS - have monthly meals where everyone brings their favorite dish to pass. 


Service to Success


This program provides veterans an opportunity to be introduced to a CEO's, Team Leaders, Business Owners and any other professional that is willing to be part of this. We find out what the veterans hopes, dreams and aspirations are, then we set a meeting to do an introduction. You're part in this is more meaningful than you could imagine! We help them build their foundation and you provide them the tools they need to create their success. If you are interested in being part of this AWESOME opportunity to change someones life, then please call or text me at 419-779-0342.

Grandparents Raising Grandkids


Ahh, the kids are all moved out and you finally have your own space, right? - NOT!   That was until some life changing circumstance occurred.  Now your parenting your grandchildren. This isn't what you had planned we know.   Well, this group offers some amazing support.  There are also resources available that can help you and your new little one learn how to communicate, understand boundaries and bond.

Socialize - NOT Social Media


It's time to put down your social media devise and get out and socialize.  

Game Days






OUR GOAL - support, encourage, mentor, new life skills for a new YOU

Groups forming soon:


Substance Abuse


Wellness Tools



OUR GOAL-  establish strong bonds, connect on new levels and build healthy relationships

Wellness Tools

Integrative Wellness


OUR GOAL - inspire healthier choices for a stronger and more substantional way of living