Barn Therapy


Hanging out in the barn is way more fun when we do it together.  The more hands on deck, the faster the daily chores get finished - so the playing can begin!

Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy

Our 3 season garden is underway.  If you love gradending, then you will have an amazing time being part of this project.

Building Therapy


Looking for a place to get started?  If you like doing construction type projects we, have lots on our “TODO” list.  We need all trades, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. 

Grooming Therapy


Grooming is extremely therapeutic for both human and horses.  Spending time with each other, creating bonds that are beyond magical. 

Touch Therapy


Have hands on our animals is an important part of what we do.  It is very necessary that all our animals enjoy the touch of a soft hand.  This is one small way you can to do some soul searching.



Our therapy sessions are driven from needing a PURPOSE.  We have so many to choose from.

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